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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 15, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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number of issues, most related to problems like unemployment. the anger turned to violence in rome. protesters set cars on fire in the streets of the italian capital. barbie nade, au from "newsweek." what more can you tell us about what's taking place. apparently large crowds, cars have been burning. what else is happening? >> reporter: that's right. right now you've got a standoff where generally protests -- a spot where demonstrations are held. between the police and a violent faction of these protesters. i think it needs to be noted the majority of these people who come to the demonstrations, hundreds of thousands of italians are not the violent ones causing the problems now. police are telling us around 500 anarchists have infiltrated this peaceful demonstration. they came to rome today with the
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sole purpose of butting heads with the police and that's what they are doing now. the area is thick with smoke and tear gas. molotov cocktails, explosions are echoing on the cobblestones of the city. it is really quite a tense situation. a lot of the protesters have gone home. a lot of an ar -- i don't think the night is over yet. there have been confirmation of two serious injuries. one man lost half his hand in a car explosion and a police officer has been seriously injured. but i've seen dozens of people that are in need of some sort of medical care, whether stitches or some tear from the demonstration
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demonstrations and explosions in the streets. >> it sounds like there's two different groups here, peaceful demonstrators who are trying to make a statement about the economic situation there in italy. but then they were kind of upstaged by the anarchists. now i wonder if those who organized peaceful demonstrations tried to draw attention to the economy and falling economy there in italy feel like they are now going to dismantle or discontinue any kind of organized protest they had for the days coming so they are not being confused with the anarchist. >> very much a situation where peaceful protesters have a lot of legitimate complaints. a lot of the signs we saw before the violence started, again, cuts to education, joblessness, berlusconi, the prime minister just won a confidence vote
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yesterday. these violent groups i don't think have anything to do with peaceful protests. they were coming in for the purpose of hijacking situation. taking over and claiming it as their own. >> okay, barbie, it's certainly underscoring the message of clark demonstrations and clark intense. barbie nadeau. thanks so much from rome. london is one of the most important financial centers in the world. protesters there holding a rally today as well. one of the speakers, wikileaks founders julian assange. cnn's erin mclaughlin in the area. give us an idea if it's protests there or the same kind of sentiment that's happening in rome, is it bubbling up there in london? >> reporter: hi, fredricka,
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certainly a peaceful crowd in london. a large crowd gathered outside of st. paul's cathedral. they originally planned on occupying the london stock exchange, which is very near to here. the police cordoned off that area and would not let them. as you mentioned julian assange did make an appearance, editor in chief for wikileaks. he was one of the few people after a certain period of time the police allowed into the area around the cathedral. they have cordoned off the surrounding area allowing very few people in and out. a volunteer here for occupy london stock exchange. peter, how is things going so far? >> it's been going amazing. people congregate here about 12:00 noon, 1,000 to 2,000 people and swelled to over 3,000. people have been having a general assembly on the steps of
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st. paul's for three hours discussing the logistics of how we're going to make a camp, how we're going to occupy this space. >> reporter: peter, how has the movements we've seen, especially in the united states, occupy wall street, influenced the events today. >> directly inspired what's been happening today. what happened on wall street showed that not only do we need an occupying in london, what we realize as americans as us. we're paying the same prices that none of us caused. >> reporter: thanks, peter. fredricka, we've already seen several people set up tents. many here say they are going to be here or hope to be here for quite sometime. >> erin mclaughlin, thanks so much in london. here in the united states, protests have spread from new york to the west coast. things got pretty ugly in san diego when police tried to make demonstrators leave a downtown plaza where they set up tents and tarps. they used pepper spray and arrested protesters.
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onto tallahassee, florida, there were no reports of any violence as protesters there marched and rallied. demonstrators gathered in flint, michigan. they marched in front of the bank of america branch in downtown flint. civil rights activist the reverend al sharpton leading a march on washington this hour. his jobs march is designed to push congress and the white house to work harder to reduce the 9.1% unemployment rate. athena jones is live in washington. the rally taking place before many thousands come to washington for the dedication of the memorial of martin luther king jr. what's taking place here? how are they separating or maybe even combining the two? >> well, these are supposed to be attached, fred. the whole idea of this rally, they were going to have it a day before the dedication back in august. of course the dedication had to be pushed off because of hurricane irene. the idea here is to honor dr.
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king's legacy. he was partly about, of course, fighting for economic justice. this is about keeping pressure on congress and on the white house to do something on jobs. we've seen the crowd grow quite a bit in the last hour or so. we've heard from a lot of the unions here, other organizations, like naacp, aclu, national organization of women and other groups. we haven't yet heard from the reverend al sharpton expected to take the stage in a little while. i spoke with him earlier today and asked him about his message for today. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i will be saying today that we are going to branch from here and 25 cities we'll have a national march on jobs and justice. we are going to -- if we do not see a jobs bill by dr. king's birthday in january, we're going to bring back what he wanted, and that was the resurrection of the city, tent city right here in washington. >> reporter: and so you heard the reverend sharpton say this is supposed to be the beginning of a larger movement.
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he even made sort of a reference to the idea of occupy wall street, talking about a tent city. he has talked about occupy wall street and expressed solidarity with that movement, which he says is about fairness and the whole idea of economic justice. we expect this to be just the beginning of them trying to keep the pressure on the president and on congress to come together to get something done, even though right now it's going to mean passing elements of this jobs bill and not the whole thing. back to you, fred. >> athena jones in washington. still ahead republicans and democrats seem to have found common ground on at least one way to create jobs. >> our one such area of common ground, they open the way to thousands of new jobs and billions more in exports across the nation. they remove job killing barriers to trade by creating a fair
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playing field between america and these other nations. >> all right. the president is taking his jobs plan back on the road monday. it's a three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. all right. why is the gop boycotting nevada? it all has to do with the state of florida. we'll explain after the break. our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talking...
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a look at one of money magazines top jobs in america. >> reporter: if you want to go from a top gun to a top job then become a pilot. pilots make an average of $89,000 a year. more job openings are expected over the next few years. it's easy to see why it landed on money's best jobs list especially if you're leaving the military. as a pilot you enjoy a flexible schedule and never have to take your work home.
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las vegas is the place tuesday the day, the next big debate two those eyeing the white house takes place at the venetian, villanova republican presidential debate begins at 8:00 eastern time p.m. all but one of the gop hopefuls plans to be there. the gop presidential hopeful who will not be attending the las vegas debate is jon huntsman. he plans on boycotting the event out of deference to new hampshire locked in a political scheduling fight with nevada. >> so i say if you're going to boycott nevada, then you boycott the debate. you do it straight up. you do it fully loaded. so tuesday night we'll be here as we will monday campaigning and doing town hall meetings and sharing our vision with the people of new hampshire and answering questions of people about where this country needs to go. >> cnn deputy director paul is
12:14 pm
there now. are they sticking with this? >> it is. chairwoman of the nevada gop, t.j. asked her, are you going to move back today to accommodate new hampshire. asked her two or three times. she kept saying no, no, no. they are sticking with their date. she and the executive committee will not budge on the date of january 14th. here is the problem. let's take a look at the calendar. january just a few months away. all started when florida moved up to january 31st. the four states that are supposed to go early iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, they vowed, well, we'll go earlier. south carolina is next, holding ours on the 21st. nevada announced we'll hold our caucus on the 14th. iowa, we think they are going to go on the third. that's kind of boxing new hampshire in. they have a state law saying their first in the nation
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primary is supposed to be a week before any contest. if the 14th is when nevada will be, they may go as early as december. as you just said five presidential candidates, huntsman and as you mentioned, michele bachmann, newt gingrich, herman cain former godfather's pizza ceo, rick santorum all said they will not take part in that caucus here in nevada unless they move the date. so we've got some serious issues here. but as you heard right here on our air, no, nevada is not moving as of now. >> okay. but the debate is scheduled for tuesday in nevada. most of the candidates will be there. what's significant of this debate being held there now? >> well, a couple things. first of all, nevada, as you can see, one of the early voting states. that's one of the reasons we're holding the debate. it's the first debate to concentrate out here in the
12:16 pm
west. there was one in the reagan labor but the first in the west since then. there's big issues here like illegal immigration that are really important to the western republicans that we haven't heard in some of the other debates. a couple reasons why out here in the west we are ready for another presidential debate. >> all of these stand to gain a lot by doing well in the debate. is there any candidate in particular that really needs to kind of nail it down during this debate? needs that support to continue to stay in this race? >> i don't know if he will be dropping out, but a lot of people will be checking out rick perry, the texas governor. he was dropping in the polls. used to be the front-runner. he's in a decline in the polls. it was thought he need add big breakout performance last week in new hampshire. he doesn't have it there. all eyes on him. herman cain, who has been surging in the polls, a lot of scrutiny. we saw that last week. his 9-9-9 coming under attack
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with other candidates. expect that as well. >> we'll look for that and continue to look for you. from las vegas. you'll want to tune in for cnn western republican presidential debate coming up tuesday night 8:00 eastern time from las vegas. cnn's anderson cooper will be the moderator. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries.
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an update on the investigation into cheating on college entrance exams. it's no longer great next north high school in long island, a district attorney says authorities are looking at two more public school districts as well as a private school.
12:23 pm
last month seven current and former students at great neck north were arrested. one of them now, a college students, accused of taking s.a.t.s for others in exchange for money. in los angeles the prosecution is wrapping up its case against dr. conrad murray. he was hired as michael jackson's private physician and was with jackson when he died. to our legal guys now are with me. avery friedman civil rights and law professor usually out of cleveland but right here in the study. >> this is terrific. >> and richard herman, criminal defense attorney and law professor in las vegas with our other crew out there. soon, richard, we know you're going to be in the studio as well, when your calendar allows. >> shreabsolutely, fred. >> the prosecution is just about to wrap up its case, avery, did they do a job? how is the defense going to come
12:24 pm
out swinging? >> they did a spectacular job. they will end this case monday with three extraordinary experts. the first was a cardiologist, the second a sleep expert. it will crescendo to monday with one of the superstars dealing with propofol, in fact, he's delivering a paper this weekendh a death in the family, will be back on monday to talk about propofol that's dr. steven shafer. >> it's significant a lot of this testimony we've seen, the defense is changing its approach to propofol, whether michael jackson ingested it orally. now they are ruling that out. whether he injected it himself, all as a result of the witnesses that the prosecution brought on? >> it was a little sign of weakness to abandon the decision he may have ingested it orally. but fred, sometimes witnesses can go overboard. here what i'm saying is paid testimony. these witnesses, these expert witnesses are basically saying
12:25 pm
the mere fact conrad murry woke up that day, that's gross negligence. every single thing they did -- >> you're challenging the credibility of these witnesses? >> i'm challenging the quality of the testimony of all three of them so far. the judge will instruct the jury at the end, even though someone is deemed expert, the jury has a right to accept or reject the testimony. some jurors -- fred, there's going to be some juror nullification in this case. that tape recording of michael jackson showed what kind of shape he was in. some people, many people believe he was a ticking time bomb, just a matter of time before he died and they are not going to blame conrad murray. >> what is at the root here is negligence. >> gross negligence. >> the defense has to come up with either a good explanation. >> right. >> to counter all they heard or, or in addition put conrad murray
12:26 pm
on the stand. they don't have to but do they need to at this point? >> that's one of the big questions ultimately no one knows the answer to. to be honest with you, i think it would be suicidal to put that guy on. when you've heard the kind of thins we've heard from the emergency technicians, security on what conrad murray did, put that guy on the stand, i think it would be crazy. on the other hand, if we don't have some explanation about why he did these things, i don't agree with richard, i think we're looking for a conviction. i think that's what's going to happen. >> okay. so richard, reasonable doubt? the jurors are left with that potentially if they don't hear from conrad murray. >> fred, first of all, there's no way conrad murray is going to testify now. they played his version of the events. that's his testimony. the question is will they believe beyond a reasonable doubt conrad murray gave the lethal dose of propofol. if they believe this beyond a
12:27 pm
reasonable doubt, he'll be convicted. i don't think they linked it up. like the casey anthony case there's no link up here. it's a problem for the prosecution. >> let's move to another case, puzzling, investigation in aruba, american missing. another american who continues to be in jail. no charges have been filed against gary giordono. is there a guideline they have to adhere to? how can they hold someone for two months without any evidence, a body. >> there's certainly no body. one of the motives that the solicitor general in aruba, such as that exists, is that there's a motive. he's trying to cash in a $1.5 million insurance policy. i agree, it took two months for the aruban authorities, fredricka, to get cadaver dogs involved in this case. why have they waited until now
12:28 pm
when the body has been missing for two months. >> his attorneys will be able to argue, you know what, you don't have it based on the investigation. time to let him go. richard, if they do allow him to return to the u.s., you know, what's the, what's the extradition agreement between the u.s. and aruba, if eventually aruban authorities feel like they have merit to charge him, would he be extradited? >> yes, he absolutely could be extradited. there are treaties, they are bound by that in aruba. that potentially could extradite him. his attorneys won't make the application. cnn is reporting today he wants to change lawyers and get new lawyers in. you would think -- avery is so right. you would think they in aruba learned something from the natalee holloway case. two bring in cadaver dogs two months afterwards is just so absurd. they just don't know how to investigate crimes in aruba.
12:29 pm
this guy, it looks like there's absolutely no evidence other than the purchase of that life insurance policy that going to tie him into this death here. it's horrible. >> we're not done with you guys. we have a couple other cases to tackle. you'll be sticking around. in about 10 minutes, sudden end to a trial involving the underwear bomber. what happened with the guilty plea but apparently with no deal. right? we'll be right back with you guys in just a moment. first bring you up to speed on what's happening today including wall street protests going global, bring you in on the scuffles taking place in san diego as well right after this. my mother froze everything.
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a look at our top stories, the son of u.s. born militant cleric anwar al awlaki is dead after a series of drone strikes last night in yemen according to a u.s. official. a drone last month killed the older al awlaki a key leader in the asian peninsula. friday's attack killed seven other suspected militants including the group's chief media officer. the world's top 20 finance ministers are meeting in paris today to tackle european debt problems threatening an already flagging global economy. key issues at the g-20 meeting, how to stabilize global financial markets and ease the greek debt crisis. the occupy wall street protest has spread around the world. organizers say rallies are taking place today, in 82 countries. most of them are peaceful. in rome the demonstration turned violent with protesters setting cars on fire and clark with police.
12:33 pm
here in the u.s. the protest in san diego turned violent when police tried to get demonstrators to leave a downtown plaza where they had set up tents and tarps. here is reporter salvador rivera with our affiliate kgtv. >> reporter: protesters try to hold their ground as officers try to hold protesters back. we don't need police is what they were saying as officers formed a wall and pushed protesters away. a few minutes later, officers used more than just their might to get a handle on the protesters. some protesters scramble to get water and other liquids to wash away the effects of the pepper spray. >> that's not right. we're trying to protect something we stand up for and they are coming in here with
12:34 pm
force. >> reporter: eric hauser said the officers went too far. only one person was arrested during the demonstration. this all happened after officers began removing tents, especially this one, which, according to protesters, held a symbolic meaning. >> to us that tent represents every house that's being for closed on. that tent represents every kid that's going to be out on the streets. >> reporter: police say they were patient but the tents have to come down to prepare for the world of dance event taking place at golden hall. >> we understand they have a right to protest. somewhere along that line people have a right to conduct business. that's what this is all about. >> how many times have you heard watch what you post on facebook? our legal experts back to talk about the case of a georgia teacher who lost her job over it. ♪
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a heartbreaking case now closed. a connecticut jury finds joshua komisarjevsky guilty of murdering a mother and her two daughters in 2007. they say he and another man tied up dr. petit, raped and strangled his wife, molested one
12:38 pm
of the daughters and then set the house on fire. dr. petit managed to escape. he calls the verdict a relief. the other defendant steven hayes found guilty last year and sentenced to death. now to the case of the so-called underwear bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab. he was charged with having a bomb in his underwear. let's bring back our legal experts. what happened here. richard, it wasn't that long ago federal authorities thought, okay, we're doing to try and strike a plea deal with this young man, get a little more information about the 24-year-old. he seemed to get the upper hand by pleading guilty. but there's no deal, right? >> there is no deal. he worked for them for several months. he provided great information for them. at some point there was a breakdown in discussions. he was forced to go to trial.
12:39 pm
he made the brilliant decision to represent himself. shortly after the trial began he pleaded guilty, gave a rant and rave to the judge. that's it. he's facing life in prison unless he faces another deal. >> you were facetious saying representing himself, but in the end he didn't give the kind of information to the feds they expected to get. he didn't do it alone. >> not the upper hand. this is another example, probably 600th conviction of a terrorist which has been done very well in civilian courts. this case, abdulmutallab is the best example why congress got it wrong. let's get the terrorist in front of federal judge like this guy. they are going to cave, get convictions.
12:40 pm
this is a wonderful conviction. if there's more information, sooner or later we're going to get it. >> this does exemplify why the civilian court is the best way to go when suspected terrorists are apprehended? >> i'm not so sure of that, fred. i know in this case, really, what was the defense. he loaded himself up with explosives. he was on the plane. he tried to detonate the explosive. i don't know how you defend this one. it's over and out. he'll look to make a deal. they will look for a rule 35 from the government to try to reduce his time so he can see light of day again. >> so instead of life in prison he could potentially get what? >> yes, he could get a rule 35 and get a reduced sentence and be able to see the light of day again. >> if he provides information. >> substantial assistance. >> still wiggle room for a deal. >> yes. >> let's move onto another case where this georgia teacher says i don't like the deal i got. she apparently went on vacation. she admits to posting pictures on her facebook.
12:41 pm
some pictures included her actually holding a drink and showing she was having a good time. apparently there was quite the fallout in her school district. parents and teachers say we don't like this. she says the school district forced her to resign. for that now she is suing the school district. >> she tried to get emergency relief. this week a state court judge in georgia denied that. she still has a right to go forward. the problem with her case is real simple. under georgia law -- that's the law that governs this -- if you resign with a gun to your head, like what the superintendent did to her, you probably are not going to win. so she's got a very difficult way to go to get her job back. she's given it up, in grad school, but i think this case is going down. >> she says she wants back pay. she also wants the school district to compensate her for her legal expenses. uphill battle? >> yeah, my boys, they want
12:42 pm
everything. you can want and want. but the point is this. queen had that song, pressure, ice ice baby he copied. pressure is the issue. they said, if you don't resign we're going to refer you to the professional standards committee, you're going to lose your license. she resigned. georgia license says if you resign, we don't care what the terms are of your resignation. if you resigned, you resigned. >> if she would have been fired she would have been able to make this same legal route and maybe potentially get that back pay? >> 100%, fred. that's the mistake that was made in this case. >> oh, my goodness. i wish we had more cases was we're out of time now. this has been fun. avery, you being here in atlanta. >> so wonderful to be with you. >> you're in vegas, home away from home. you love vegas. >> everybody is here, t.j. is here. >> everybody but fredricka and
12:43 pm
me. >> we look forward to you being here in atlanta in a few weeks. next time we need you both here in the house at one time. we'll never get anything addressed or settled. >> we're going to be fighting about it even if we're sitting next to each other. >> put you in the middle, fred. >> then there's halloween, we've got to look forward to that. we have a tradition around here, right? richard, avery, okay? we're going to uphold that. richard, good to see you from vegas. see you later on throughout the day. we have other things to keep you busy with. thanks so much. meantime, take a look, this bicycle racer was in second place when this happened. can you believe that? i know. rewind. it has gone viral. he's okay, we understand. just seeing something like that happen. this is south africa. more of this after this break. ♪
12:44 pm
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okay. this is one of our favorite moments. bonnie and i get to talk about the stuff that has simply gone viral. makes people go crazy. they see it on youtube and they
12:47 pm
want to see it over and over again. >> i love this video. this is so funny. >> holy cow. >> all right. so biker just going along and, boom, out of nowhere, a gazelle or antelope or something takes him out. this being in south africa. and you know what's really convenient, his buddy just happened to have a camera and was rolling at that very moment. >> doesn't it look like the animal was like cued, like, get him. >> this guy isn't supposed to be here in the bush riding his bike. oh, my goodness. i guess he didn't see it in his periphery? it didn't look like he was letting up at all. >> his head wasn't turning. >> he was concentrating on biking. ouch. he's all right, though. >> he's all right, fine. those mountain bikers pop back up. >> this isn't a typical sight but cameras are rolling.
12:48 pm
>> all right. what do you have? >> windy weather. windy conditions out there across much of michigan. you'll be finding we have some strong winds popping up there. 56 miles per hour across michigan. a lot of these winds will continue to persist and be strong as we go through the next few days. 50 miles per hour gusts. eventually we'll see changes. 30 miles per hour is a little further to the south. we'll be washing for that. the postal service is critical to our economy-- delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses,
12:49 pm
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tomorrow is the dedication of the newest memorial in washington, strewn carving of martin luther king, jr., inscriptions of quotes. it's moving particularly for his children. i sat down with martin luther king iii about thoughts. when there was a point when you thought, because this has been a 14-year process, this isn't going to happen. you didn't necessarily believe it would come to fruition, there would be this moment? >> no, i think from my personal perspective, there was a specific time when we began to focus on which is really getting ready to happen.
12:52 pm
i want to add one additional thing, because what is most remarkable is in the midst of presidents and war memorials, we now have a man of peace. >> this particular monument took less time than most of them if not all of them. i think that speaks volumes we were able to move it along in that time period. you know, the irony is that his life span in terms of impact in this world was just about 14 years. so there's some kind of parallel to the work that he did as well. >> martin luther king, jr., memorial dedication ceremony takes place tomorrow. it was originally scheduled for august but had to be postponed because of hurricane irene. stay tune to cnn for complete coverage including the speech that will be taking place by president barack obama.
12:53 pm
even if you can't attend the dedication ceremony this week, you can visit the memorial online right now in some new ways. our josh levs is here now and thoughts on the memorial. >> i want to pick up with what you were talking about with the king family. this design is based on a critical inscription. you saw the video. this is the memorial here, it's designed as a mountain what piece pulling out of it. the reason is -- it's explained in a subscription, out of the mountain of despair, a mountain of hope. this is based on something martin luther king jr. said in the i have a dream speech. this is the stone of hope pulling forward from the mountain of despair. i have a virtual video that shows you what it looks like and takes you through it. i'll tell you where that is located. obviously not everybody can be there itself. this is a statement for america. it's a statement for the country
12:54 pm
and the world. it's a change in our capital. we've been opening up to you today and asking, what disng mean to you? what is the statement in what is said when the united states officially dead indicates this memorial. let's go to some of these quotes. first one came to us from charlene who wrote this. because of another person's ultimate sacrifice we all can live a life that many didn't think possible. of course many never got a chance to see. i'm grateful and proud to see the mlk memorial finally come to fruition. >> take a look what joan wrote. he was a pastor who stood up for rights but so did so many other citizens. put the statute in his hometown but not in the capital. he's with the presidents memorials. ridiculous. i'm very happy as a non-american this has been done. presidents have one thing in common with this, the important cricks they made to the usa. next one is really interesting from jimmy. i'm a proud southern man who
12:55 pm
honors his confederate ancestors but strongly believes in king's dream. this man gave his life for all of us, black and white. a lot of people talking about the money. i want to use this quote now talking about that. $120 million during hard times when people are losing their jobs and their homes is the stupidist waste of money. let's go back to me for a second. wasn't to talk about the money, $120 million is the expense for this memorial. but $110 million privately raised. there's $10 million in congressional matching that was achieved back in 2006. so i don't want anyone out there who hears this figure in the media to be left with the impression it's $120 million taxpayer dollars. finally let's end with a taxpayer money. the last quote interesting from jane, striking out against people criticizing this. words do not mask the truth of all who claim silly reasons for this monument should not be here. seems once again martin will
12:56 pm
stand against bigots and haters although this time no one can fire a shot against the stance democracy should proclaim each and every day. we're all created equal. that's from jane. join the discussion on the blog on facebook and twitter. definitely we're interested to hear the views but i wanted the reality check about the money in. >> that's fascinating stuff. we appreciate that. a shocking scuffle taking place at a fast-food restaurant. the story from new york is coming up next. . because this is how people and business connect. feeling safe and secure that important letters and information don't get lost in thin air. or disappear with a click. but are delivered. from person to person. and, sometimes, even face to face. have a great day. you too. for some of the best ways to connect and protect... it's all in the mail. learn more at
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aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. violence in the streets of rome as occupy wall street spreads around the world. police say anarchists joined in rome setting a car on fire, one of the buildings was a government building. a cashier in mcdonald's in manhattan is charged with felony assault for beating two customers. police say it all started when two women argued with the cashier who questioned a $50 bill they had used. one of the women cursed the cashier and slapped him and krimd over theou


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